Biological Assessments

Using standard methodologies, and state of the art surveying equipment, our team will help identify if species that require specialized management, inhabit the surrounding your project or operations site.  Biodiversity assessments will also enable you to measure the impact of your operations on the environment, contributing to obtain environmental permits y and making your activities more sustainable.

CTA´s biology team includes professionals with experience developing baseline programs, impact assessment, monitoring, ecotoxicological assessments and management of endangered species. Our staff has +39,000 hours of biodiversity assessments for industrial clients in Latin America.

CTA develops studies and biological monitoring in different ecosystems, including terrestrial and aquatic environments, focusing on bio-indicators, and critically designated species.  Some of the services provided are:



As part of the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), all equipment is properly calibrated, certified laboratories and senior consultants and reviewers are in place, during all phases of a project. All surveys and analysis are developed according to the ISO 17025 guidelines.

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