Aquatic ecosystems assessment and monitoring

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of aquatic ecosystems in various bodies of water, ranging from streams and rivers to lagoons, lakes, and reservoirs, both freshwater and saltwater. These assessments are carried out in both natural environments and project facilities. Our studies require specialized techniques such as electrofishing, macroinvertebrate sampling, habitat assessment, and analysis of metal concentrations in fish and other species’ tissues.

To ensure responsible environmental management, we recommend conducting a baseline assessment before the project’s construction, which will provide essential comparative data for the monitoring phase. Additionally, we suggest conducting evaluations at least twice a year, during the dry and rainy seasons, to determine seasonal variability and obtain a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem’s condition.

At CTA, each project is unique, so we carefully assess its specific needs to develop a customized monitoring plan. In addition to our aquatic monitoring, we also provide assistance in terrestrial monitoring of flora and fauna, offering a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the environment.

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