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E&S Due Diligence for project finance

E&S Due Diligence services for project financing are performed mainly based on the performance standards of the International Financing Corporation of the World Bank…

Aquatic ecosystems assessment and monitoring

The evaluations of aquatic ecosystems are carried out in different bodies of water (streams, rivers, lagoons, lakes, reservoirs), both in fresh and salt water, in natural water and in project facilities…

Environmental and social baseline and impact studies

Social and environmental baseline studies are recommended to be carried out for at least one year, in order to have good representativeness; and this will also give more support to companies in the future…

Sustainability standards implementation audits (IRMA, Cyanide code, TSM)

We have auditors trained and approved to carry out audits and advise our clients to implement international environmental and social guidelines applicable to mining…

Service of monitoring equipment (Renting & Maintenance)

At CTA we have our own measurement equipment for the different components: water, air, soil, biodiversity, meteorology, and others. Our equipment is updated, calibrated and receives frequent maintenance…

Environmental laboratory

We offer sampling and analysis services related to the different environmental components through chemical, physical and biological tests. The reliability of our results is supported by the use of notodologies…

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