Environmental and social baseline and impact studies

Social and environmental baseline studies are essential for establishing a strong starting point in project evaluations. To ensure adequate representativeness, it is recommended to conduct these studies over a period of at least one year. This extended timeframe not only provides more accurate results but also offers robust support to companies in the future.

In our studies, we rigorously analyze key environmental components, including water, air, soil, and biodiversity. We also assess relevant social aspects such as traffic, archaeology, landscape, employment, services, and transportation, among others.

These baseline studies, along with impact analyses, are an integral part of environmental impact assessments presented for approval to local environmental agencies and, in the case of loans, to international organizations. Additionally, it is important to note that these studies may be reviewed and/or updated during the project’s lifespan for various reasons, such as expansions, modifications, specific agency requests, among others.

Environmental and social baseline studies are fundamental for understanding the initial state of the environment and nearby communities, enabling informed and responsible decision-making in project development and management.

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